How Hail Affects Your Roof

When hail hits it can damage your roof, car, and property. It can be hard to know how damaged your home really is, below are some factors that can affect the severity of your damage. Click here to see our article on how to identify hail damage from the ground. 

  1. Wind- During any kind of storm the wind direction and speed has a big impact. Stronger winds can mean more damage 
  2. Density and Size-The size of the hail can affect the amount of damage it does to your home property and vehicle. Hail stones vary in size and density and hail stones usually don’t have smooth edges all these factors can affect the amount of damage caused 
  1. Materials- The different materials used on your home can absorb hail hits differently. Some material can be dented like aluminum siding while other materials can crack like vinyl siding. With hail big enough it could put a hile through your roof. 
  2. Roof conditions- The age and condition your roof is in can play a big role in how affected your roof is by the storm. Older more damaged roofs or roofs that have gone through multiple repairs can have more damage than newer roofs.
  3. Barriers- Trees and other houses or buildings can block hail from hitting your roof protecting you house from damage 

Finally if you notice any damage on your roof or property be sure to call Harleys construction right away!