FAQ’s About a New Roof

What products are the best for my roof and budget?
At Harleys we offer only the best quality roofing products, other companies will try to sell you products at a lower price. They may only last half as long. Its been our experience that it’s best to spend the extra couple hundred and have your roof last another 10 years. We offer Owens Corning and Atlas shingles they are the top companies in their field. We have metal and architectural shingles in tons of colors and styles.

What will a new roof cost?
According to a new roof in Michigan will cost between 6,500-12,000 on average depending on the size of your house or the type of products you choose. There’s a lot of help when trying to handle this expense. There’s the good old fashioned save up and pay for it, there’s government programs to help assist low income people in for necessary home repairs, or we offer financing options with low interest rates and simple easy to understand procedures.

Another option you can choose is getting your roof approved through your insurance company. This does take a bit more time and effort but our team will help you through the process. If your roof has sustained damage through an ‘act of god’ as they call it or through vandalism then we can help you make a claim through your insurance company and have them cover the cost of your roof. You will have to pay a deductible of around 500-1500. Beware of contractors who don’t charge a deductible they could be committing insurance fraud and put you and your home at risk 

How long will the process take?
There isn’t a set amount of time for getting a new roof it all depends on what route you take with retail or insurance. Insurance work could take a lot longer depending on the insurance company and how they respond to your clam but rest assured Harleys will fight as long as needed to get your roof approved. The time your roof takes also depends on what time of year you make the appointment. If it’s in the summer you are more likely to get your roof done faster but in the winter and spring  it’s a lot harder to do roofs due to the constant rain and snow. But again there is no need to worry Harleys will keep you informed throughout the whole process and get your roof done asap. 

What happens if my roof still leaks?
We offer 10 year labor and lifetime material warranties so after your roof is done if there are still leaks we will redo the roof for free so there is never a need to worry. 

How long will this new roof last?
There is really no way to tell exactly how long your roof will last but Harleys is the leading company in roofing technology we provide the highest quality materials and service your new roof should last anywhere from 20-30 years.