How Do You Know You’re Ready For A New Roof

There are many ways to know the life of your roof is coming to an end but most homeowners don’t know the ways to tell until it’s too late. We’re here to tell you the 11 most common signs you need a new roof.

1.) You have water damage or leaks 

Leaks or water damage may seem like a small problem at first but if left untreated they can turn into a huge problem and cause serious damage to your property and possessions. Make sure to call the professionals at harleys at the first sign of any leaks to keep your home safe and dry!

2.) Your ceiling is sagging or has dark streaks 

A sagging ceiling and dark streaks are both signs of your roof leaking. There could also be moisture reaching your walls leaving them with dark streaks. If these problems aren’t addressed it could cause your ceiling to cave in. It might not seem like an issue at first but it’s important to get these things looked at before they become more serious problems 

3.) You can see light shining through the attic 

Any daylight shining through roof boards is a bad sign, this means you have missing or damaged shingles and it definitely means your roof will leak. If you see daylight in your attic call the professionals at Harleys and get your roof repaired or redone asap 

4.) Its over 20 years old 

If your roof is 20 years or older you are definitely due for a replacement. Your roof has a lifespan and after a while it starts to decay like everything else. You will start to notice shingles breaking curling or falling off and if a storm comes through your roof will be in a whole world of trouble. Make sure to keep your roof strong and safe for your home and family.

5.) Wildlife making a home in your roof 

Although wildlife in your home might make you feel like a disney princess it’s not magical at all having wildlife make a home in your roof is incredibly damaging to it. These animals cause small holes to be created in your roof and if caught early they can be repaired. But if left untreated these animals could cause a lot of damage to your roof and property 

6.) Missing, broken, cracked, or curled shingles

If your home has any missing, broken, cracked or curled shingles that is a sign of an old or damaged roof. And it’s something you’ll want to get checked out asap these problems lead to your house not being fully protected. If you wait these problems could get more severe and lead to some pretty serious leaks.

7.) Granules or shingles pieces in your gutters 

Granule and shingle build up in your gutters is a bad sign. This simply means that your shingles are in bad condition, they are either old or damaged and you need to get them replaced sooner than later. Some damage can be hard to see from the ground but this is an easy safe way to check your roof strength.

8.) Dark streaks or visible moss on your roof 

Dark streaks on your roof might just look like dirt or dust but it’s actually airborne algae living on your roof. Just like you don’t want animals living in your roof you don’t want plants living in your shingles this causes a build up of moisture and eventually leaks. These can be removed with a water and bleach mixture but its best to call the professionals at harleys who are happy to offer free inspections so you never have to worry about the condition of your roof.

9.) Your roof has been through a wind or hail storm

Wind and hail storms can be extremely damaging to your roof. Did you know that your insurance company puts a limit on the amount of time you can wait to file a claim with them for a new roof after a storm? Did you also know that when there is a big storm in the area your insurance company knows that companies like Harley’s are going to fight to get you a new roof paid for by them so they actually raise the rates of people in that area to help cover losses? So after any big hail or wind storm it’s important to call the professionals at Harleys to get your free inspection or you might end up paying for your new roof and your neighbors out of pocket. 

10.) Damaged chimney flashing

Damaged chimney flashing can happen over long periods of time wear and tear of Michigan weather can really mess things on your roof up. This can lead to leaking and eventually worse problems. So if you notice damage on anything on your roof call the professionals. 

11.) The roof wasn’t installed well to begin with 

Lastly a good way to know if you need a new roof is if your roof was installed wrong if you notice and shingles slanted or out of place this is serious! Slanted shingles deteriorate faster cutting the life of your roof almost in half and can cause leaks. If you suspect your roof isn’t installed properly it might be time to check out the high quality materials and service Harleys provides.

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