DIY vs Professional

When you should do DIY

DIY roofing is a smart idea if you’re trying to save time and money. It is important to know your limits you can’t and shouldn’t replace your whole roof. It’s not safe and you don’t have the necessary tools and skills to do a roof replacement 

You can, however, make small replacements. When your roof needs partial replacement and you know exactly what needs to be done then it’s something you can do on your own. For example, you can replace old shingles with new ones given that you have all the safety measures to work on the roof.

Small replacements are possible to pull off when doing DIY projects. For example you can replace a few old shingles with some new ones if you have taken all the safety precautions and know how to do the actual work. You can also patch up some leaks but make sure to do your research before so you don’t make anything worse. 

The most popular DIY people do on their roof is cleaning off the algae or moss that grows on your roof. Dark streaks on your roof might look like dirt but it’s actually airborne algae that can be cleaned off with a mixture of one part bleach and one part water.

Always make sure you’re safe when doing DIYs on your roof and don’t be afraid to call Harleys for any of your roofing needs

When should you hire a professional contractor?

If your roof needs a full replacement you will definitely need to hire a professional. There are a lot of different things involved with replacing an entire roof and it’s something you can’t and shouldn’t have to handle on your own. There is a lot at steak in the attempt to replace your own roof 

Except for a full roof replacement here are a few other cases when you should look to a professional for help.

  • Damaged shingles are scattered all over your roof or lawn.
  • You are planning on selling the house and need to make sure the roof is in good condition.
  • Small replacements on large surfaces where complicated elements are involved.
  • Your roof has layers and you don’t know which layer has the problem.
  • Too many leaks are already inside of the house and you don’t know where they’re all coming from 

DIY roof replacements are easier and faster than professional ones but they are less effective and put you under the risk of more issues. To summarize, don’t do a complete replacement on your own – it’s not safe for you nor for your family. If the problem is small and you know exactly what caused it then do the repair while following safety measures.

Doing DIY although is more cost and time effective than a professional it’s also a lot less effective and more dangerous. It’s important to do the proper research before doing any DIY projects on your home, but it’s also important to do your research when finding a professional to work on your home. For any home improvement needs be sure to check out Harley’s and see what we can do for you!