How Snow And Ice Can Affect Your Roof


Your roof handles the weight of snow and ice all winter and that can be a lot of stress for your roof.  Your roof could cave in due to the amount of ice and snow. 

Ice Dams

Another thing that can cause your roof to cave in are ice dams. An ice dam is a build up of ice around the eaves of your house, when they build up it stops water from running down your roof. This then causes the water to leak into your house because it has nowhere else to go. This is most common in places in Michigan where there is freezing rain during the winter months.

Freeze and Thaw

Freeze thaw cycles can cause serious cracks in your roof. Freezing ice can quickly freeze once landing on your roof creating cracks for water to seep through causing leaks, water damage and more.

Clearing the Snow Of Your Roof 

Some homeowners try to clear snow off their roof using a shovel or rake this can cause even more damage to your roof. Another common mistake homeowners can make is the misuse of salt or calcium chloride that can cause severe damage to your roof shingles and can even void your warranty.

So what do you do to help prevent all this damage during the winter? Contact Harleys Construction and Restoration to keep your roof, home, and family safe.