How Water Can Impact Your Roof



As a result of your roof going through wear and tear Michigan weather brings it, your shingles will eventually buckle leaving holes in your roof that rain water can seep through causing leaks.


Stains are a result of water collecting inside your home if you notice any stains on your roof or wall call Harleys right away this could be due to a more serious problem.

Wood Rot and Mold

Flashing is used to prevent water from saturating wood joints but if compromised this creates the perfect area for wood rotting and mold.


Freeze thaw cycles can cause serious cracks in your roof. Freezing rain can quickly freeze once landing on your roof creating cracks for water to seep through causing leaks, water damage and more. 

Ice Dams

An ice dam is a build up of ice around the eaves of your house, when they build up it stops water from running down your roof. This then causes the water to leak into your house because it has nowhere else to go. This is most common in places in Michigan where there is freezing rain during the winter months.